New Loan Cars!

Did you know about our new loan cars??


Did you even know that we HAD loan cars??

Well now you can take the pressure off your working week or even a day off and still get around!

Make sure you book in advance because they are pretty popular!!


Tuesday Tips – Wheel Balancing

Tuesday Tips – Wheel Balancing and why it is so important.   Having balanced wheels can save you money by extending the life of your tyres. We recommend you have your tyre balances checked every 10-15,000klms to make sure you are optimising the life of your tyres!   Check out this video to explain further or…

Tuesday Tips – 2016.17

2016.16   **TUESDAY TIPS**   Changing your engine oil regularly is an important part and yet the least costly part of your vehicles maintenance.  To make it as effective as possible and prevent future expensive repairs, we use and recommend the Wynn’s Engine Oil Flush Additive on all services.   Now I know most people…