Fully Qualified Mechanic + The Boss

He started Ipswich City Mechanical in April 2006 and hasn’t looked back! Brook specialises in his knowledge of vehicles and being cranky.

Safe driving tip: “Do the speed limit or get out of my way!”


Customer Service Manager + Owner

She joined the team full time in April 2012 but was always in the background since the start. Adele specialises in great customer service and having 1000 things on the go at once!

Safe driving tip: “Pay attention on the road, stay off your phone and drive to the conditions!”



Foreman & Fully Qualified Mechanic 

We welcomed Ben to the team in April 2017 and he brings years of knowledge and experience in the industry. He loves his fishing and most importantly his little family!

Safe driving tip: TBA


Fully Qualified Mechanic 

He joined the team in September 2014 and has been in the automotive industry for 8 years. Sam specialises in 4×4 and everything else no one wants to do!

Safe driving tips: “Never Fear, Lock, Stomp, Stear!” and “Always look twice – never assume!”


Fully Qualified Mechanic

More info to come…

Safe driving tips: More info to come…


Office + Workshop Manager

He joined the team in March 2016 just before our big move and has been in the automotive industry for a long time! Scott specialises in sarcasm and knowledge of the industry. 

Safe driving tip: “Plan ahead – don’t wait till you get to intersection before looking”