Because we want to make it easier for you to get your car service, we now have 3, YES, THREE payment options for you! We have Openpay, Afterpay & Humm (used to be Certegy & Oxipay) for your financing needs. All are super easy and convenient to use so you don’t have to worry about…

Car Overheat?

The causes of engine overheat and its consequences can be many and varied. But the one thing that’s consistent is that to avoid further trouble, you must identify and deal with the cause. What should you do? Prevention is better than cure. Regular checks of your car’s cooling system and proper servicing will reduce the…

You Tube Videos

You Tube videos are the best way to get information to help you maintain your vehicle and to know how to keep it in tip top condition! We have a You Tube channel that we will be uploading all of our videos to.  There are already a few videos on our channel.  Head over by clicking the…

Hyundai I30 Steering Knock

Hyundai I30 Steering Knock. Have you noticed a knock in the steering in your Hyundai I30? We are starting to see a few of these come through the workshop and the great news is….. It’s a relative easy fix!  AND you do not need to go back to the dealer to have it repaired.  We can…

New Loan Cars!

Did you know about our new loan cars??


Did you even know that we HAD loan cars??

Well now you can take the pressure off your working week or even a day off and still get around!

Make sure you book in advance because they are pretty popular!!