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Last week I visited River 94.9 radio station at North Ipswich to record a few radio adverts. ¬†I was given a little tour of the studios and had the pleasure of meeting Woody who is on air weekdays 9am-1pm. ¬†He¬†gave me a run down on how all the equipment in the studio works, while he was off air of course! ¬†You can also see behind us in the photo the other studio where Marnie & Campo from the breakfast show voice from. ¬†Make sure you head over and check out Woody’s and The Breakfast Show’s blog posts.



So after my little tour I was taken into the recording studio to record our adverts. ¬†I was given an amazing cup of tea to start with and then we wrote our adverts. ¬†You can see me in the photo below¬†ready to record in the recording studio. ¬†And it didn’t take very long at all, only a few takes because I couldn’t talk properly! ¬†I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be! ¬†Have you ever heard your own voice? ¬†If not, record yourself talking and then listen to it….. I was cringing listening to my own voice!!



So now the fun began editing my recording to flow, match the length required and add music ready for air.  I honestly thought that it was going to take over an hour to edit the 2 adverts, but I was surprised by the speed and accuracy of the editor as he cut and pasted and listened and tweaked the recording.  Within about 5 minutes he had a rough draft for the first advert done!  He then did the same again with the 2nd advert and then we had to find the right music and sound effects to put in the background.  With over 1 million options how were we ever going to find the right one???  Well after 10 minutes we heard something that pricked our ears up, so he added the music into the adverts and when he played it we new it was perfect!



Here I am pretending to change my day job! haha


So within about 1 hour I had a tour of the studios, recorded the adverts and had them edited all ready for air! ¬†It was such a fun experience and I look forward to doing a few more over the next¬†couple of months. ¬†Make sure you listen to River 94.9¬†to hear our advert. ¬†Then head over to our Facebook page and let me know what you think! ¬†I might even put up a blog post of the recording as a sneak peek, but I’ll think about it unless you can twist my arm?!!


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Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.  Have a great weekend!!


Adele x


P.S. 17 more sleeps till we open in our new workshop ūüôā

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