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A Global Business Giving Movement

The whole team at Ipswich City Mechanical are proud of our involvement in B1G1, a global business giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving by doing what we do every day.

What if you could make a difference by simply getting your car serviced? Or having repairs carried out on your car? We have committed to offering Givings by meeting our objectives each month.


What is B1G1 and how does it work?

With our commitment to B1G1, we have set a series of ‘triggers’ or team goals across various business activities here at Ipswich City Mechanical. 

Each month, as we achieve our goals we will donate to causes close to our hearts such as providing access to clean water in the world, plant a tree in the world, give clean bedsheets to an orphan in India, digital skills training to aboriginal communities in Australia, or give a nourishing meal for a child in Cambodia.

Some of the ‘triggers’ which result in us giving are:

Every visit with us, you receive a token and you choose where you make the impact. Some of these choices are;

  • Plant a tree in the world
  • Provide 10 days of access to clean water for people in the world
  • Provide 5 school meals to vulnerable children in Cambodia
  • Provide 10 days of Education for Children in the world.
  • A donation to a local Ipswich charity (will change from month to month)

For every hour of training the team completes we;

  • Provide 1 day of digital training skills to Aboriginal communities in Australia.

For every 5 star Google or Facebook Review we will:

  • Provide 7 days of shelter for rescued animals in Australia

When a team member has a birthday, we rescue 100kg of food from Landfill.

Plus many other internal triggers!


Want to join the movement?

By keeping your car safe with us at Ipswich City Mechanical you are helping make a difference!

If you are a business owner and are interested in the B1G1 concept, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we would be more than happy to share.

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