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Car Starting Issues? Part 2.

A few weeks ago we wrote about what might happen if your starter motor has failed. This time it is all about your Alternator!

If your alternator is failing then:

  • Lights on your dash may start to flicker or even disappear,
  • The alternator/battery light most likely will come on (or maybe not at all)
  • The radio may turn off,
  • If the headlights are on they may go dull or flicker
  • And other components might start to cut out.
  • WORSE CASE, your car will lose power, cut out and won’t restart. You’ll even be lucky if your hazard lights work!

If any of these start to occur, it is best to get into us to get it tested and confirmed ASAP before worse case occurs and you’re stuck somewhere waiting for a tow truck!

AND if the worse case happens….. then a tow truck to your mechanic it is!

The next blog post about starting issues will be all about your battery! Watch out for it in a few weeks!

Give us a call on 3812 1341 if you have any starting issues with your car. And make sure you’re following our Facebook to more tips and hints!