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Leaving all sorts of things inside your car can be quite a mess. But other than that, some things can be harmful to you or your car when left inside the vehicle for a long time.  Always remember that your car is not a drawer to dump your things in!

So here are some of the things you should NEVER leave inside your car:

When you leave food for long periods of time, it can be really messy and smelly too! And because of how the temperatures rise or drop inside a car, this can cause bacteria to build up resulting in foodborne illnesses.

Specially carbonated and bottled drinks! Carbonated drinks can actually explode when left in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. While plastic bottles release harmful chemicals when left over time which is not good for the health. If wine is left inside a car, the heat may cause the cork to pop and will affect the wine’s flavour. So don’t leave drinks in your vehicle or if you do leave them there for long periods, don’t drink them anymore as they can be dangerous to your health.

When left in high temperatures, sunscreen can actually explode. The heat can also affect its efficacy because the active chemical ingredients in it can disintegrate in extreme temperatures.

Electronic devices
Leaving electronics inside a hot car can affect its batteries and parts which can cause it to overheat, therefore damaging your device. There is also the possibility of your electronics being stolen if you just leave them inside your car.

Spray Cans
Pressurized cans are sensitive and flammable. Whether it’s a can of spray paint or hair spray, if exposed to temperatures that are not recommended, it can explode or worse, cause a fire.

Another kind of flammable that should not be left inside your car. Lighter fluids inside small plastic tubes can be a cause of combustion when left in high temperatures.

Pills and tablets should be stored in room temperature so keeping them inside your car and exposing them in extreme temperatures can make them less effective or some may be harmful if taken.

Documents and IDs
Never leave important documents! You can risk losing or damaging them if left inside your car. Remember that documents and identification cards such as a license or passport are as valuable as our gadgets and other belongings.

As a general rule, always clean up before leaving your car. Make sure that you leave no clutter behind. Check all the seats and pockets and check the trunk as well. Sparing a few minutes should be enough to keep your vehicle tidy. Remember that cleaning your car is also part of its maintenance to ensure that you have a comfortable drive every time.


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