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Tuesday Tips – 2016.6



The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 prevents the practice of exclusive dealing by attaching conditions of the sale of goods that restrict the buyer’s freedom of choice to deal with whom or in what they choose.

SO……. In plain English terms this means that a vehicle manufacturer cannot specify that you must have your car serviced by a particular dealer or group of dealers as part of the warranty conditions.  NOR can a manufacturer void a warranty simply because a vehicle owner has chosen to have a vehicle serviced outside the dealer network.

Capped price servicing – Capped price servicing was apparently introduced to take the guesswork out of car running costs and stop some rogue operators from over charging.  But I don’t feel that manufacturers are being transparent with customers about how they are able to offer a $199 capped price service that would usually cost around $600.  I have my suspicions but I guess that is for the ACCC to discover!

BUT if you do choose to go back to the manufacturer for your capped or fixed priced service, be sure to read the fine print as these plans can vary – make sure you are comparing apples with apples – what you “think” you are getting might not actually be what you get.  Some will cover a fixed number of services, while others will cover the duration of your new-car warranty.  We have heard of some people being “upsold” extras like a higher grade of oil, fuel cleans or air con clean, then it is added to the final bill!

You are not obliged to take your vehicle to a dealership for its routine maintenance.  An independent mechanic, like ourselves, may be able to offer a cheaper service on your new vehicle than the manufacturers capped price deal.  A log book service can be undertaken by any licenced mechanical workshop without compromising your warranty from the manufacturer.

So when your vehicle is due for its next log book service, give us a call first and we will see if we can help you out 🙂

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Adele 🙂