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AIR FILTER – Clean vs Dirty

Most would agree that they don’t check their air filter regularly or even know where or what it is!!

Rest assured we check it at EVERY service!

Now depending on the conditions you drive in, it is recommend it is replaced every 12-18 months or when it is not doing it’s job anymore (which provides clean air to your inlet manifold to mix with fuel in the combustion chamber). Exactly like the one above on the right!

Your air filter, airflow meter & positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV) are essential parts of your vehicle’s fuel system. When it becomes blocked or dirty it may cause your car to increase its fuel consumption and even a rough idle.

The PCV valve helps prevent the release of fumes from the engine. when it becomes blocked or clogged it can cause oil leaks and maybe sludge build up inside your engine.

If you are unsure the last time your air filter was checked or don’t know how to check it (or where it is!), drop in and see us. We will check it out for you!

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