We're committed to making a difference.

We have created thousands of impacts worldwide and in our community, from planting hundreds of trees and providing much-needed clothing and funds for the homeless within our community.

How we give back

The whole team at Ipswich City Mechanical are proud to be making a difference. What if you could make a difference by simply getting your car serviced? Or having repairs carried out on your car? We have committed to giving back to meet our 'Give Back' objectives each month.

We have a set series of 'trigger's or team goals across various business activities here at Ipswich City Mechanical.

Each month, as we achieve our goals we will donate to causes close to our hearts such as planting trees in Australian Rainforests, providing meals to those in need and the homeless, or supporting our local community charities.

Some of the ‘triggers’ which result in us giving are:
Every visit with us,

we will donate $2.00

Every $1,000 you spend with us,

we will donate $5.00

Every training course we complete,

we will donate $5.00

Every 5 star Google or Facebook Review,

we will donate $5.00

When a team member has a birthday,

we will donate $10.00

Some of these donations will go towards:

Planting native trees in Australian Rainforests

Providing meals to feed the hungry

Local community charity providing groceries for the homeless

Local community charity providing clothing, meals or shelter for the homeless

Want to join the movement?

Let us know you’d like to make an additional donation towards one of the above, ask us at the time of collection of your car, and we will add it to your invoice for you.