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I sat down last week to see what you’ve helped us to donate so far this year and OMG 🤯
I can’t thank you all enough for helping us to do this… LOOK 👀 at what you’ve helped us do in 5 months…
🌳 316 Trees planted – Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding.
🏘️ 238 days of shelter provided to rescued animals 🐑🐔🐴 – Edgar’s Mission is a safe haven for over 400 rescued farmed animals. Many of the residents have either come from intensive confinement or been exposed to the harsh elements – from recently shorn sheep succumbing to hypothermia during the Winter months, to factory farmed chickens who have only ever known life in a barren battery cage.
🚰 2,350 days of access to clean water – up to 29% of the world population still lack access to basic drinking water. With proper infrastructure and facilities, we can put proper water-related ecosystems into place. Your support provides clean drinking water to communities throughout the world that are water scarce, providing access to a basic human right.
🎓 1,260 days of education for children – Quality education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles to achieve sustainable development. It improves health and livelihoods, as well as contributes to social stability. That is why Quality Education is on of the Global Goals. Your support provides access to education for children all over the globe!
🖥️ 140 days of digital training skills to aboriginal communities – These skill sets are crucial in today’s society, and people with those skills are often called upon to help others with online and digital tasks. This project mixes learning with fun and meets the interests of children, young people and adults. Skills range from music making and multi-media through to essential computer-based skills like setting up email access and internet banking. Those skills stay in the community and are then passed on to others creating a ripple effect.
🥗 400kg of food rescued from going to landfill – Every year, about 763,100 tonnes (that is the equivalent of 7,631 Boeing 757 airplane ✈️) of food waste is generated in Singapore with much of these being edible but ‘ugly’ food. The Food Bank Singapore acquires donated food, much of which would otherwise be wasted, from farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, consumers, and other sources, and make it available to those in need through a network of member beneficiaries. Your support will keep this edible food from being wasted and sent to the landfill.
🍛 380 meals provided to vulnerable school children in Cambodia – Prevents a child from dropping out of school simply because of an inability to finance meals. Gives nutrition to an underprivileged child and enable him or her to be energetic and ready for lessons!
🌊 $541.33 donated to the Ocean Clean Up – There are 5 ocean garbage patches in the world, the largest being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (located between Hawaii and California). For all the plastic they are cleaning out of the ocean, they are recycling it all!  Catch, rinse, recycle and repeat!! 🕶️
💰 $295 donated to the Ipswich Flood Appeal – Again we saw this year many of our Ipswich families affected by the flood waters rising and falling.  GIVIT are still taking donations to help those still recovering. 
💰 $898.50 donated to Helping Hands for groceries to feed the homeless – Our favourite little yellow van 🚖 going out in Ipswich on a Tuesday night to visit those needing a little extra helping hand 🤲🏼 
💰 $95 donated to Orange Sky – They provide more than a place to do laundry and/or take a shower; the amazing volunteers focus on creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored or who feel disconnected from the community.  
If you’d like us to collect 👛 for your local Ipswich charity or non-profit, please contact us here on our Facebook page or send us a text on 0480027326.
You can help us donate more with any of these options:
  1. Book your car in for any service or repairs. Every visit you choose where you’d like us to make the impact.
  2. Refer your friends and family to us for service or repairs. They will get to choose where they’d like to make the impact.
  3. Send us a text on 0480027326 on where you’d like to donate & how much and we’ll send you a secure link to make payment AND you’ll also receive a tax invoice to claim your donation.*
  4. Go and donate to one of the Charities above or pick your own and donate regularly to them.


*For all donations over $2.00 plus a 1.5% fee to ensure they receive 100% of your donation.
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