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Car Starting Issues? Part 1

The last thing you want when your heading to work or school drop off is your car not starting!  Many times it could be your battery, starter motor or alternator.

Your starter motor uses power from the battery to spin either the flywheel (if manual car) or flex plate (if auto car) which gives it the jump start it needs.

If the starter motor is failing then when you go to start the car, you may just get a click or multiple click noises or no noise at all, other than a car not starting.

An RACQ patrol my ask you to try to start the car while they tap the starter motor (if it is accessible) to see if that kicks over the car. If it does, then it is recommended you replace your starter motor ASAP! And of course, if this does not work, tow your car into us and let’s work out what is happening so we can fix it and get you back on the road ASAP!

Check out the next blog post in relation to your alternator and battery in the coming weeks!

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