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Car Starting Issues?? Part 3

We have spoken about what could be causing an issue if your car won’t start – starter motor and alternator.  The most common issue with a car not starting is the BATTERY!

Your battery stores the power from the alternator to assist the starter motor.  So all 3 x is very important to be working correctly to get your car started!

If your battery is failing then symptoms may be:

  • Sounding sluggish when starting,
  • Quick clicking sound when trying to start up and even no noise at all,
  • You may get a battery light on your dash.

Checking your battery is pretty simple these days, so you can drop in for a free test! It only takes about 5 mins to do!

So if your starter motor, alternator or battery are not working correctly, you’ll most likely be going to start having issues starting your car. Our battery tests check the starting and charging systems to make sure the system is working correctly.

We carry out this test at EVERY service or you can drop in for us to carry out the test if you are concerned you might have an issue.

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