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We all love to drive our vehicles. We love them because they are always there for us. Well, it’s our responsibility to take care of them also. The high-quality of fuel that we use keeps our vehicles in a good condition.  Right kind of fuel can help you to eliminate extra costs such as equipment damage and mileage problems. Nowadays, a lot of vehicles are getting E10 fuel, which may not be the thing that your vehicle needs.

Here are some reasons why E10 fuel may not be good for your vehicle:

Hampers mileage!

Use of ethanol can be the reason for mileage loss. It is because ethanol (E10 fuel) molecule contains less energy value than petrol. This is the reason why have less energy potential, which hampers the mileage.

Water content not good for your vehicle!

Pure ethanol absorbs water from the atmosphere around it. Well, it attracts so much that it is impossible for the chemical producers to sell 100% pure ethanol as there will always be a little bit of water content in it. From on-road vehicles to marine users, attraction of water is a huge problem. It happens because when water mounts up in a fuel tank, it settles down to a lot of fuel problems and issues.


Different layers of petrol and ethanol!

The layer of ethanol gets separated from the petrol, which results in two different kinds of layers of different compounds. Ideally, it should be a homogenous mixture of both petrol and ethanol.

Performance issues!

A loss of 2-4 octane points in the fuel mixture caused when petrol separates from ethanol. Well, this cause performance issues and is very unsatisfactory for most vehicles.

Probability of equipment damage

The blend of ethanol and water blend gets settled at the foot of the tank, where the fuel line exists. The fuel line can very easily suck the mixture of water and ethanol up into the combustion chamber. It such a scenario it will burn like an excessively lean mixture, which won’t have enough petrol. Burning such fuel can be the reason for valve damage.


In the endeavor of going green, many vehicle users face problems because of the use of ethanol in their vehicles. It is good that we are concerned about environment, but it is also true that it can be very discomforting for the users and damaging for the vehicles. Hence, there must be some other alternative to it, which can be environment-friendly and vehicle friendly at the same time.

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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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