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In Queensland, there are a set of road rules to follow that some drivers break often.


Are you guilty of breaking some of these rules?




1. Your car must be locked, key removed from ignition and handbrake on if the driver is more than three metres away from their car.






2. It’s against the law for your number plate light to be out, as your registration plate needs to be clearly visible at all times.






3. You can’t leave your car locked and unattended with the window open any wider than five centimetres.





4. It’s an offence to use your horn unnecessarily, like saying goodbye or getting frustrated at other motorists.






5. Drivers only need to keep left unless overtaking when roads have a speed limit of more than 80km/hr.





No matter how silly or petty or a hassle it is for you, always remember that you have to follow these rules. These rules are implemented to maintain order and safety, specially on the road.

Every place may have a different set of road rules so it’s important to know them before you travel. And once you’re aware of the rules, don’t forget to have your car checked as well!

Ipswich City Mechanical and Autoelectrical offers all kinds of services from basic log book service to air conditioning repairs to complicated auto electrical services.


So before you hit the road, hit us up on our Facebook page or call us at (07) 3812 1341. 😉


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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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