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Nothing pleases us more than taking your car for a long ride and ruling the roads. For many, a car is just like a companion and they cannot stay away from their car at all. Well, we are also one of those who love their car like anything. But, it irritates when something happens to our car that is totally uncalled for. This is time when you search for professional car mechanics.

It is imperative that your car gets regular check-ups, as you don’t want to face a scenario where your minor problem gets converted into a major one. Many times we see that people are wary of getting their car repaired by a mechanic.

We make this prejudice that all mechanics are shady and often rip off people. Yes, there are some mechanics who are like this, hence you should make sure that you are putting your car in the best hands possible.

Here are some points that you must keep in mind when choosing the best car mechanics:

Find some references

You can ask someone whom you trust to tell you, which mechanic to trust. One can always get the best advice from friends and family. Almost everyone owns a car and can tell you about his (or her) experience of getting it repaired from a mechanic.

Search the internet

There are many websites where you can find some reliable information about car repair shops. You can also get the reviews about that shop, which can be valuable for you. One can get the information about pricing, quality and experience of the repair shop. The Internet can certainly help you to know about the reputation of these mechanics.

Ask questions

There is another way of checking if the mechanic is reliable or not. If you know what’s troubling your car, go to a mechanic and tell him about your trouble. If he (or she) exaggerates it, then you know that the mechanic is not good enough to put your trust in.


Ipswich City Mechanical & Auto Electrical is one of the most reputed service centres that offers all kinds of car repair services at competitive prices. We have professional qualified mechanics who are skilled and vastly experienced in car maintenance and repairs from engine repairs and exchange engines to brake, clutch, air conditioning repairs and transmission repairs to transmission services to suspensions, we do it all.

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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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