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Mechanic workshops are often the source of complaints from people who believe they’ve been overcharged or underserviced. And while there are some people out there that have an understanding of what a mechanics job entails, there are others who have doubts over their bill total or have a fear of being ripped off.

Here are some tips to make you feel more confident about knowing if you are actually getting ripped off:

Don’t be scared if you are told “I can’t let you drive away with it like that”.

Yes they might be trying to save your life (or anyone else’s) but if you are unsure, ask them to explain why the repair is completely necessary. If you are still unsure, ask a friend or family member to go with you before making a decision.

**We will always make sure that your vehicle is safe and that you completely understand why any parts need replacing in your vehicle. We will explain it to you in plain English and with either photos, diagrams, videos or showing you the part on your vehicle.

Shop around for price AND a 2nd opinion on repairs.

Even a 3rd or 4th opinion if you are still doubtful. But remember, by paying LESS you don’t always receive MORE!

**We encourage you to shop around if you feel like we are ripping you off! We can guarantee that we ALWAYS use good quality parts and that if we have quoted you a price, we will stick to it (unless other items are needed, then we will always call you first)


Go with your gut feeling.

If your gut feeling is not 100%, don’t be afraid to try another opinion before committing to any work. If your greeting isn’t up to scratch or the workshop is messy, maybe your gut is telling you something?!

**We will always show you the respect you and your vehicle deserve! And if you feel that we haven’t, please let us know immediately so we can fix it — because no one is perfect!

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, we make sure that you know everything that’s going on. We will not proceed with anything that does not have your approval so you are sure that you get exactly what you need and what you wanted to get done with your car.

We value communication so if you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to give us a call or send us a message on our Facebook page

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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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