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Hyundai Steering Knock.

Have you noticed a knock in the steering in your Hyundai or Kia?

We have been replacing these for years AND you don’t need to go back to the dealer to have it repaired!  We can do them right here in our workshop in Raceview.

However, you shouldn’t attempt to do yourself as the steering will need to be recalibrated before driving the vehicle.  This can ONLY be done with a specialist scan tool so make sure your mechanic has one to be able to do this job before having the repair carried out.

We’ve had MANY Hyundai i30 in the workshop with this exact issue.  Here is an example of one to show you what the issue is and how we fix it.

So, once the electronic steering unit has been removed from in behind the steering wheel and the unit is dismantled, inside is the bush.   The star-shaped bush has deteriorated causing the knock in the steering.


And this is the old bush and new bush side by side.  It is an improved bush so they last longer.


***UPDATE – 19TH MAY 2017***

We highly recommend that as soon as you notice the knock noise in the steering that you have this repair carried out ASAP, otherwise the motor may have too much movement which may result in having to replace the whole steering column as the motor is unavailable by itself.  A genuine steering column is approx 3,684 plus fitting!!  Even 2nd hand ones, we have seen around the 1,000-1,500+ !!


**UPDATE – 29th April 2022**

We are seeing some other Hyundai models with the same fault – i40, Elantra, Veloster and Kia’s too. 

The cost to carry out this replacement is around 420.00 and we will only require the vehicle for a few hours to complete.  


If you have any questions about this repair, please give us a call on 3812 1341 or text us at 0480027326.


Have a great day!



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