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Buying A Used Car? Make Sure To Get a Pre Purchase Inspection!

Why pre purchase inspections are important – we would even say they are mandatory!

Every time we would like to buy something, we go through a long process that involves researching, getting feedback or testing the product before we make our final decision. We always want to make sure that we get the best quality for our money’s worth. It isn’t any different when buying a used car. If anything, researching and testing are most important before you proceed with such purchase.

Buying a vehicle that has a safety certificate (roadworthy) does not give you an overall picture of the vehicle’s condition. For example, even if the vehicles brakes may pass a roadworthy, they still may need replacing within 5,000 to 10,000 klms and same goes with tyres! Make sure you know all about the car you are buying!

What’s a pre purchase inspection?
Pre purchase inspections are done by licensed mechanics or auto technicians. It usually involves physical checks, system checks, engine and mechanical checks and a test drive. They will check for unusual noises or movements in the car and check if there are any broken or worn out components. The mechanics will go through every nook and cranny of the car and perform a detailed inspection. They will thoroughly examine and evaluate the vehicle to confirm that it’s in good condition. AND get photos if you can too from your mechanic!

Here is a list of parts that are usually checked during the inspection:

  • Exterior – Windshield and windows should be free from cracks, dents or scratches in the body, doors will be inspected to see if they close properly and lights will be tested if they are fully functional.
  • Interior – All seats and seat belts should be functioning. Air conditioning, stereo, heater, door locks and gauges should be working. The dashboard should also be in good condition.
  • Engine – Filters, exhaust pipes and the car battery will be checked. The engine should not have any form of leaks, unwanted odors and any corrosion.  Also checking on the condition of the fluids and if there is a service book to show services have been regular and on time (invoices from previous services are even better because they are proof it has been done, because anyone can stamp a log book).
  • Transmission – Shifting gears should be smooth without any difficulties and transmission fluid should be clean.
  • Suspension – Vehicle should be leveled, doesn’t bounce and no creaking noises.
  • Tyres – Wheel balance, alignment and any cuts or cracks will be checked. They will also inspect if the tyres are uneven or worn out.
  • Brakes – Should be comfortable and does not make any noises when stepped on. The vehicle should not stop abruptly or slide off when hitting the brakes.
  • Steering – There should be no resistance or noises when making turns and steering should be stable.

Do I really need to do it?

First of all, it’s your right as a buyer to do an inspection first on anything you wish to purchase, regardless if you are purchasing from a used car yard (they might not know the full history of the vehicle) or from a private seller. Pre purchase inspections will provide you with an accurate evaluation before making a huge purchase decision. When it comes to vehicles, it is necessary that you know its actual condition so you can be assured that you will be driving safely. Knowing early signs of damages will also help in making sure you don’t end up spending more in repairs than the actual cost of the car. You need to have that guarantee that you’re paying the right price for the vehicle you’re buying.

A pre purchase inspection is all about assurance. It does come at an extra cost but it will be very beneficial in the long run.

Should you need a pre purchase inspection, Ipswich City Mechanical can do that for you. We have skilled mechanics that can examine every inch of your car, so you’re sure we’ve got you covered.

And by the way, it’s only $189 for ALL vehicles (small cars to 4×4’s!). 😉

For any inquiries about pre purchase inspections or vehicle repairs, just give us a call on 38121341 or send us a message. 😊