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So what is the difference between Quality Service, Cheap Service, and a Major Service?

We hear it all too often that another mechanic can do a major service for $199 or even worse $99! And when we see or hear this our first thought is….


Above is an example of one we’ve seen. (This service is NOT something we offer and we never will, this is an example advert only.)

We understand that there are people that feel that their car servicing isn’t a priority. And it may be why when they see a deal like the above, they fall into the trap of thinking, 

“Oh WOW cheap car service for $99!”

AND most of the time, you probably haven’t received what you expected, or not even realized the difference between the services offered by other mechanics in Ipswich. The reality is that you probably haven’t received quality parts or a thorough safety check to ensure your car is safe.

So here are some issues/concerns we find all the time with these “cheap” services:

1.  You don’t always get quality parts for your vehicle. Usually, a cheap or poor quality engine oil and filter is used (no-name brand).

2.  It doesn’t usually cover a FULL safety inspection and report on your vehicle. It is usually a very basic check like your tyres, brakes and fluid levels only.

3.  Not all mechanics keep up to date with training or purchase (or have quality) equipment. Servicing might be all they can carry out because they don’t have the adequate training or equipment for other repairs.

4.  Not all workshops will offer the “Quality Customer Service” you and your vehicle deserve.

5.  If you’ve got a new car that is still under a new car warranty, you run the risk of voiding your warranty by having a service like this done. You can read more about the choice of servicing your car here. Know your rights and what you need to do to keep your new car warranty. (You do have a choice of repairer, but that is a whole different blog post!)

6.  Double check the fine print on what you are getting for your $. Don’t get caught having to pay extra for something you didn’t know about because you didn’t read the fine print.

7.  A major service isn’t the same at all workshops. Each and every single mechanical workshop will class a major service as something different. This means that you will get prices ranging from $200 up to $1000! Some, won’t even list a major service as an option (like us). Why would you want to spend money on things that don’t need replacing? We don’t see the sense in replacing something like your brake fluid if we can test it, check it and confirm that it is in good condition!

The safety checks that we carry out here at Ipswich City Mechanical are the same with every service we do, general, new car, out of warranty!!

EVERY service our checks are so thorough we will be able to let you know exactly what does (and doesn’t) need replacing without wasting your money on unnecessary items that someone may quote you for a major service. A full list of what you get with our safety checks can be found here.

Now the above is not an attack on other workshops.

If the mechanic you go to offers everything you need for a $99 service, THAT IS GREAT! 

But we encourage you to do your homework if you are not sure exactly sure of what it is you get.



We would always recommend a minor (or general) service with a thorough safety inspection AND a report if we’ve not seen your car before. This way we can access your car from the start to give you a list of anything that you may need in the order of most important to least important.

AND we will also include photos where possible. AND a video link to help with any explanation of the work if you need further understanding.

This way we know (and you) what exactly needs to be done, when, and how much. This helps you to budget and not spend unnecessary money where it is not most urgently required. AND making sure your car is safe for you and your family.

Now doesn’t this make sense?

DON’T get caught up with the shop-a-docket specials or anything else that sounds too good to be true! And in paying LESS doesn’t mean you will receive MORE.

Have an awesome day!

Adele x


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