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Are you paying attention to the smoke that comes out of your exhaust pipe? If not, maybe it’s time you take a peek into it! The type of smoke that comes out from there can tell you if something’s going on inside your vehicle.


Thin white smoke
This kind of smoke is normal especially during cold days. This is just vapour that builds up inside the exhaust system and it should be gone once your engine becomes warm.

Thick white smoke
Take a look closely because what you might think is just vapour may actually be something more serious. If you see thick white smoke coming out of your tailpipes, it can mean a damaged engine block, a damaged cylinder head, a blown head gasket or a leak in your coolant. Never ignore this because it can lead to even greater problems for your car.

Grey smoke
When you see grey smoke, you will most likely smell it’s cause too – and that is burning transmission fluid. It may also mean a faulty turbocharger or transmission vacuum modulator. Another reason for grey smoke is that your vehicle may be using up excessive amounts of oil.

Blue smoke
If you see blue, this means there’s burning oil or possibly an oil leak in the combustion chamber. If your car is turbocharged, it may also mean an oil seal has let go.

Black smoke
Thick black smoke? That means your engine may be burning up too much fuel. You may want to check your air filter to see if it’s blocked or damaged. Black smoke can also mean issues in the fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector.

In general, smoke coming out of your tailpipe could be a hint that your car has some issues. If you notice that there’s unusual smoke from back there, NEVER EVER ignore it. What you thought is just an air conditioning problem may turn out as an electrical repair issue. So make sure to have it checked right away before it becomes a bigger problem.

And if we see that smoke signal, we know what to do. So if you need assistance, we’re a call away. ☺


Did you also know that we also offer the following:

 – FREE drop off/pick up service within 5klms. 

 – FREE loan vehicle available for your convenience if required.*

 – FREE 6 months 24/7 Australia Wide Roadside Assist with every service!

 – Pay your service off with interest-free repayment with Zip, Openpay, Afterpay or Humm!



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