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It feels good to explore distant places and be the part of something new, isn’t it? To spend your vacation in a perfect way, you always want to travel in your own vehicle.  When it comes to women, people generally think that they are not good with things such as cars; but, it’s not true.  Some women know a lot more about cars than others, but everyone needs to know some tips when it comes to their cars.

Nowadays, the number of women drivers is on the rise. Here are some important things about maintaining their cars that they must know:

  1. Follow a maintenance schedule – Sticking to the maintenance schedule can do wonders to your car. It enhances the life of your vehicle and provides higher mileage. By doing this, you’re setting your car to last for many years.
  2. Always keep money to cover uncertainties – In almost all cases, fixing your old car is less expensive than buying a new one. Once your car is paid off, start putting a couple hundred dollars per month into an interest-bearing account as your repair fund. Keep it around $2,000, and you should have plenty of reserve to cover unexpected repairs. Remember your car is an investment!
  3. Drive vigilantly – Yes, it is not something you don’t know; but, you still need to be careful on the roads. Extensive accident damage can be a costly affair that no-one wants to deal with!
  4. Don’t ignore early signs – Don’t ignore those strange noises, vibrations or something such as unusual smells. Sometimes leaving these things can cost a lot more if you ignore it!  Take your car to your mechanic and get it repaired.
  5. Let your friend drive every now and then – Letting a friend drive your car every now and then is a good idea. There some issues such as worn steering, worn brake that you might not notice since you drive it all the time.  But, if someone else drives it, he or she may be able to tell you if they notice something that doesn’t seem right.
  6. Fix minor damages immediately – There are some minor things like torn upholstery, broken electrical glitches, or non-working switches can slowly turn the car into an old one, quickly. Fix these things as soon as they become an issue.
  7. Learn about your car – It’s not that you need be a car expert, but you must understand how your car works. It will be easier to identify trouble and you won’ be easily ripped off by a dishonest mechanic.
  8. Find a workshop and stick to it – It is imperative that the people working on your car are professionals. But, they should also be friendly enough to make you, their customer, comfortable.  Find a mechanical workshop that listens to all your queries politely.
  9. Fair pricing – One more thing that you must take into consideration is that the workshop is not charging too much for its services. There is no point in receiving an excellent service if they are going to charge you unfairly.
  10. learn how to check the basics on your car on the 1st of every month (tyres, water, oil, Etc.)

These are a few things that help owning a car.  And you should encounter less hurdles in the way of your smooth ride.

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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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