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This week I want to talk to you about Brake fluid and why you should make sure that it is checked regularly.


What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is known to auto technicians and mechanics as hydraulic fluid. Brake fluid powers the components in your vehicle’s braking system, and does so under extremely difficult conditions such as high pressures and high temperatures. When you press down on your vehicle’s brake pedal, it is your vehicle’s brake fluid that is converting the energy from your foot into braking pressure. That pressure then squeezes the brake pads onto the rotors, which slows down your vehicle. Having clean, working brake fluid is important for being able to brake properly and remain safe while on the road.

What Causes Brake Fluid to Degenerate?

Because brake fluid operates under difficult conditions, it degenerates over time. Your brake fluid is under constant stress, including extreme heat and high pressure and as your vehicle ages, your brake fluid will absorb moisture from other components in your vehicle, including the hoses and pipes. This is called water contamination. This is important because water contamination lowers the boiling point of your vehicle’s brake fluid. When brake fluid has a lower boiling point, it becomes significantly harder to operate under the high pressure and strong heat of your vehicle. Brake fluid that cannot perform under these conditions will lead to a vehicle with poor braking performance. In certain situations, water contamination can even lead to brake failure.

Why It Is Important To Change Your Brake Fluid.

It is important to change your brake fluid regularly so that you avoid potentially dangerous levels of water contamination. Brake fluid with a low boiling point due to water contamination can make it difficult to brake and maneuver your vehicle on the road. In addition, moisture in your braking system can also lead to rust, which can cause corrosion and lead to small bits floating in your braking fluid. Ultimately, those bits also decrease the amount of power you have when using your brakes.

Brake Fluid Service.

We recommend getting your brake fluid flushed every two years or so. Getting regular tests on your brake fluid could extend the lifespan of all of the components in your baking system, and provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have brakes that you can rely on when you drive. You don’t want to wait until you notice that your braking power has declined. Make sure that you get regular brake fluid service so that you brake confidently, wherever you drive.

We test your brake fluid at every service to make sure your brakes stay at peak performance.

To replace and flush your brake fluid, we charge $110.

Have a terrific Tuesday 🙂

Adele x

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