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Let’s talk about Power Steering fluid and why it is so important!


What is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is critical to any vehicle with power steering. The fluid is pressurized and then transmits power in the steering system, allowing you to easily steer your vehicle and turn the wheels without much effort. When your power steering fluid is doing its job, steering your vehicle is a breeze. But without power steering fluid, or when you have a leak, your power steering can fail and make it very difficult to steer, potentially creating unsafe driving conditions.


What Causes Power Steering Leaks?

As your vehicle ages, its components naturally show wear and brake down over time. As your mileage creeps upward, your power steering system’s seals and O-rings can lose their form and let fluid leak out. In some cases, these components can break into tiny pieces and actually contaminate the power steering fluid itself. When the power steering fluid is contaminated, the power steering pump must work harder, because it is pumping the pieces of the seals and O-rings in addition to the fluid itself.


Why It Is Important To Keep Your Power Steering Fluid Fresh

If you do not get your power steering system serviced, fluid contamination can grind up your power steering system’s pump. Left alone, your power steering can fail, making it extremely difficult to drive and putting you at risk on the road. The pump costs a few hundred dollars to replace. In certain cases, the rack may also become damaged, which can lead to very expensive damages—in some cases worth more than the entire cost of the vehicle itself. The best way to avoid this is to get regular service for your power steering system, with a flush of the fluid.


Power Steering Fluid Service

When you get your power steering fluid serviced, it will help to extend the life of some of your power steering system’s most critical components, which in turn will prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Getting regular flushes for your power steering fluid helps to prevent costly repairs to the pump or the rack, which keeps you on the road. If you want to avoid potentially expensive repairs to your power steering system while ensuring that steering system works how it is supposed to, then you need to make sure that you get regular service at your local auto shop. The process doesn’t take long, and the benefits last for years.

Rest assured that every service we will check and test your power steering fluid and monitor its condition before it becomes an issue.  And if your power steering fluid is in poor condition, we will flush the system to get rid any old fluid and then replace it with fresh new fluid!


Our cost for a Power Steering Flush Service is $139.00


Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂


Adele x

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