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Tuesday Tips – 2016.7




What is ABS?

Antilock braking system is a safety system that prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking or skidding when a driver brakes hard.  It helps to maintain steering control, avoid a skid and in some cases can shorten the stopping distance during a hard stop.

How does the ABS system work?

Antilock braking system uses wheel speed sensors that monitor each individual wheel.  So if a wheel decelerates suddenly, the ABS system interprets this as a possible lock-up and reduces the braking pressure on that individual wheel.  Once the wheel accelerates again, the ABS system increases the braking pressure back to normal.  So the system can apply the maximum amount of braking without allowing the brakes to lock up.

Vehicle fitted with ABS will have a yellow or orange warning light illuminate on the dash very briefly when the car is switched on.  If your ABS light is on constantly, flashes or comes on for long periods of time before turning off again, it indicates a possible malfunction in the ABS and you should have it checked out as soon as possible.

This doesn’t mean that your brakes will not work in the event of an emergency (they still will!), it means that your car won’t have the ABS protection in the event of hard braking.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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