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Why should I service my vehicle?


In a very simple explanation, a regularly serviced vehicle will have a longer and more economical life than one that is run into the ground with minimal or inappropriate attention.


It worries me that according to RACQ figures only 52% of Queenslanders service their cars at the correct 6 or 12 month intervals.  What happens to the other 48% who aren’t servicing their vehicles on time or regularly?!  MONEY and/or TIME…. These are the 2 biggest reasons vehicles lack regular servicing.


Having your vehicle serviced regularly can pre-warn or potentially save you from having to spend a lot of money on a repair IF it is caught in time!  Don’t let a tiny problem become a MASSIVE and EXPENSIVE problem!


All vehicles have different service requirements, but at least have your engine oil and oil filter changed, along with a safety inspection every 6 months or 10,000klm, whichever comes first.  AND if you book in with us at Ipswich City Mechanical, any items that we find that need to be bought to your attention, we will:

  • show photos where possible
  • explain to you why an item might need replacing (so you understand why)
  • list items in order of most important to least important
  • AND give you pricing to help to allow you to budget any these repairs

We want to make sure your vehicle is SAFE for you and your family!  We will always keep your budget in mind and only every replace anything that actually NEEDS to be replaced!


A lot of broken down vehicles (with issues such as not starting, no brakes, overheating, etc.) can usually be prevented with regular servicing AND weekly checks!


Weekly checks make sure that your vehicle stays in a safe reliable condition.  These are very easy to do, but if you are unsure, ask us when you drop in next and we can show you these things you should be checking every week:


  • Check your tyres and pressures
  • Check your fluids and fluid levels – oil and coolant most important
  • Check your windscreen wipers and windscreen
  • Top up windscreen washer fluid
  • Check your Battery is secure and the terminals are clean
  • Check all your lights work correctly – have someone help you


Any issues in between services should also be rectified quickly.  A problem that is ignored is most likely to worsen and cause your repair bill to ramp up very quickly!


The best thing about having regular services, apart from having a fully functional, safe vehicle is that has a complete service history – a vehicle with a complete service history will be worth more when if you ever look to sell it!


Have a terrific Tuesday!


Adele 😃

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