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Tuesday Tips – 2016.5



Brakes are a vital component of your vehicle.  Poor brake performance and condition can result in substantially longer braking distances potentially placing you and your passengers in danger.

Squealing brakes, grinding on your rotors or unusual vibrations may indicate your brakes need replacing.  It’s best not to ignore that squealing noise!

A question we always get when pricing brake pad replacement is “Do I really need to machine my disc rotors?”  Our answer is YES!  The smoother the surface of the rotor, the more efficient the braking.  So when new brake pads are fitted, machining the disc rotor ensures maximum braking efficiency.  Also for effective braking, new brake pads should fit flush against the disc rotor.  This is why we ALWAYS quote on disc machining when replacing brake pads.

If you are not sure of how your braking system works, please contact us with your email or mobile number and we can send you a short video explaining how it all works.


Have a terrific Tuesday!

Adele 🙂