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A regular car service is necessary to keep your vehicle running smooth and safe. It also acts as preventive maintenance that helps ensure a longer lifespan for your vehicle. It is done by a professional mechanic that will thoroughly test and check your car’s parts. Each mechanic has their interpretation of what kind of safety check is carried out for each kind of service.

Here at Ipswich City Mechanical, it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is getting a logbook service, minor service or a general safety check, our safety checks are identical each time. We believe that you and your vehicle deserve the best which is why our safety checks are the most thorough in Ipswich. Any time your vehicle is for a service, the same checks will be carried out.

Our safety checks include checking of the engine key fluids such as washer fluid, steering fluid and brake fluids, etc. Visual inspections and checking of your car’s components will also be done.


Here are the checks we carry out during all car services:

  • Vehicle Safe-T-Stop Test, Check and Report
  • Check and clean air filter
  • Check and clean cabin filter (if one is fitted)
  • Inspect intake for contamination (if Diesel)
  • Clean MAF/MAP sensor/s (if fitted)
  • Check front and rear brakes – reporting how many mm remaining
  • Check & Adjust handbrake, if required
  • Check tyre wear and pressure – reporting how many mm remaining and pressure put in the tyres
  • Check front and rear suspension
  • Check all lights – interior and exterior
  • Check and test brake/clutch fluid
  • Check and test power steering fluid
  • Check transmission/gearbox fluid
  • Check diff/transfer case oils (if applicable)
  • Check and test coolant
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Test battery and charging system – report will be given of the test
  • Check all fluid levels and top up any required
  • Top up the windscreen washer bottle
  • Clean front & rear windscreens
  • Fit service reminder and rego reminder sticker
  • Reset service reminder light
  • For any items found during the safety check, we will call you before replacing any parts for your authorisation first.  Anything that is not urgent, we will list from most important to least important so you can focus on fixing the most important items first!


Car servicing would usually take 1+ hours depending on the kind of service and the type of vehicle you have. It is always best to ask when booking your car.


Some people may think – “But I can check those things on my own! Why bother bringing it to a workshop?”


The simple answer is that not everyone has the right knowledge, skills and equipment to do the thorough checks on a vehicle. Your user manual does not have all the answers and trust me, even Google doesn’t know everything. Just like you, your car needs a health check every so often because there are problems that you won’t notice right away unless diagnosed by a professional. Preventing early signs of damage can save you money in the long run and will help improve your car’s performance. Good service history will also help get you a better price if ever you decide to sell your car.

Remember that a good workshop will let you know the things they will check during servicing so if you have any questions, just go ahead and give us a call. 😊

We’ll answer all your car servicing enquiries and we’ll give you a list of things we’ll be inspecting should you decide to bring your vehicle to us. We have skilled mechanics and the latest equipment so you’re assured that your car is in good hands.

And don’t forget we can look after most of your vehicles needs such as:

Call us today on 3812 1341 and book in!


Did you also know that we also offer the following:

 – FREE drop off/pick up service within 5klms. 

 – FREE loan vehicle available for your convenience if required.*

 – FREE 6 months 24/7 Australia Wide Roadside Assist with every service!

 – Pay your service off with interest-free repayment with Zip, Openpay, Afterpay or Humm!







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