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We see it all the time….. cheap services advertised by other mechanics in Ipswich, independent and chain stores (like Ultra Tune, Midas, My Car, etc).
I saw one the other week offering $155 major service….. but what do you get for your $155??

Service and oil change.
Up to five litres of semi-synthetic oil.
Oil filter.
Electronic battery condition check.
Vehicle inspection.

So let’s break this down but we’ll start with THE FINE PRINT!!
Some 4WDs, vans, commercial and imported vehicles may be subject to a surcharge.

What this means is that any car that needs more than 5L of oil will cost more, and these days that is most cars.

Semi-synthetic oil doesn’t mean anything at all.
We currently need to stock more than 15 x different engine oils, which includes 5w30, 0w20, 10w40, 15w40 and more! IF the wrong one is not used in your vehicle it WILL cause damage. AND the prices of the 8 x different 5w30 engine oils vary from $13.80/L up to $22.20/L.

Oil filters vary in price from $10 to $35 and in some cases more!
There are also some engines that have two oil filters.

You also get a vehicle inspection for your $155….. But how thorough is this inspection? I know that we wouldn’t compromise your safety by carrying out a very basic check….. we want to make sure when we carry out an inspection during service it is thorough enough to make sure nothing is missed!

Finally, how can they ensure they are giving equal value to all of their customers when the price is the same but the actual costs vary so much?
What if your car only needs 3L of oil? Do you pay less then the person with a car that takes 5L, (because you should be)?

At Ipswich City Mechanical, we tailor the price to suit YOUR vehicle, because each vehicle is different. We only charge you what it costs to service your car and what your vehicle requires.

There are no hidden costs or charges, everything we advise when you leave your vehicle with us is on your repair order BEFORE we carry out the work. AND if we do find any additional repairs, we will talk to you about it before any work is done.

You can rest assured that we will make your vehicle safe!


Updated by Adele Goodwin on 12/10/2021

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Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 7am - 5.30pm

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